About Us

Develop young Christian leaders through a discipleship program aimed at helping participants grow in their relationship with God, identify and refine their unique gifts and callings, and establish Godly life rhythms that can be followed anywhere.


The Leadership Excellence and Discipleship School (LEADS) is a gap year program for young adults in Richmond, Virginia. Our mission is to help participants strengthen their relationship with God, and challenge them to pursue a life led by the Holy Spirit. Our staff will mentor students through one of life’s biggest transitions and help them develop their unique gifts into callings with purpose. All within a loving, Christian community.

After a Year of RVA LEADS, students will expand their faith into biblical life-rhythms that will guide them through every area of life. They’ll establish mentoring relationships with distinguished thought-leaders. Students who complete the RVA LEADS program will begin to see their work, ministry and future relationships through the lens of their design in Christ. And learn how to impact the world for the better.

What we believe

  • Prayer is a critical aspect of every action
  • A strong study and application of scripture is critical in a student’s life
  • In training participants in developing discipline for ministry and beyond
  • In challenging our students to go beyond their comfort zones
  • Students should have the opportunity to learn from those outside of their generation
  • In involving students with ministry beyond para-church organizations and into the local church
  • Students should have the opportunity to work outside of LEADS for up to 25 hours a week.

Commonwealth Chapel

Commonwealth Chapel

Commonwealth Chapel is the sponsor church of RVA LEADS. While we are not specifically affiliated with any church, we understand the need to operate under the covering of a local church. Commonwealth Chapel is that church for us. They provide administrative and spiritual support and allow us the use of their facilities for our lectures and events. We are incredibly thankful for their support!

To check them out, visit their website at www.chapelrva.com.