For Parents

The season between high school and the rest of your young adult’s life are some of the most formative years they will ever encounter. With the guidance of our experienced church leaders and the connections through our partnership with Commonwealth Chapel, your son or daughter will experience a year of adventure and a guide to a closer walk with Jesus Christ.

The RVA LEADS gap year is designed to provide your young adult with the tools they wouldn’t receive by jumping straight into a large university or starting their career. Throughout their gap year experience, they’ll undergo one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and foster friendships that cross generational lines.

Here, your young adult will undergo challenging and fulfilling work leading others through international and local mission-work, community service and other evangelism outreaches.

Through our program’s trained teachers and intricate coursework, your student will also gain an educational experience that will nurture their wisdom, skills, gifts and leadership abilities.

Discipleship for Life

First and foremost, students in the RVA LEADS program are equipped to walk through life’s challenges and joy with the hope of God instilled deep within them. The ever-important transition from youth into adulthood comes, at times, with extraordinary difficulty. Your young adult will learn to build the foundation of their newfound independence and responsibilities with the servitude of Christ and the fruits of the spirit.

RVA LEADS students undergo training that enables them to form their own relationship with Christ, taking initiative and claiming a faith that is their own, apart from their upbringing. Our leaders have a distinguished passion for guiding young adults through their faith – and it is through this discipleship training that your young adult will be renewed in heart, mind, spirit and strength.

Training through Mentorship

Another core value of the RVA LEADS program is our belief that the best, most influential training comes from the fruition of mentorship with one of our many extraordinary leaders in the program. Students in our program receive training in areas such as servant leadership, pastoral care, money management, how to start a ministry, throughout the course of the year.

Our curriculum is taught by professionals in the Richmond, Virginia area from organizations such as the United States Army, the Dave Ramsey Network, U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust Services and the Richmond City School Board.

Parental Involvement

This flexible program - which runs annually from late-October to the end of June - allows your student to set their own schedule, work, volunteer and maintain the important relationships in their lives outside RVA LEADS.

As a parent of a young adult enrolled in RVA LEADS, you’ll be encouraged to come alongside your child throughout this program that could change their life for the better. We’re certain that your student will walk away from this gap year program with a newfound spiritual, missional and professional direction.

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"RVA Leads was instrumental in helping our daughter determine God's calling on her life. Our children have so much pressure on them to make lifelong choices while they are still young. Leads allowed a respite where she could escape the pressure of deciding her future and dive into the present. It was a blessing for our whole family."