For Students

Work. Classes. Study. Repeat.

This is what the lives of so many of your peers will look like through their college career. Spend a gap year with RVA LEADS, and witness the path of your life unfold with adventure, mentors, ministry opportunities and an emboldened relationship with Jesus Christ.

God calls us to a life of greatness – to use the gifts and talents He’s imparted within each of us to do good work according to His will. Your time in RVA LEADS will encourage you to live your life to its full potential.

As an RVA LEADS student, you’ll have the chance to develop your dream into your calling. Our one-year gap program is designed to help encourage you for all of life’s joys and challenges, all-the-while helping you foster your discipline as a follower of Christ. Here, you’ll experience opportunities to lead others through international and local mission-work, community service and other evangelism outreaches. We’ll teach you how to start the ministry God is calling you to, from the mission field to the business world.

Come with a Calling. Leave with a Mission.

Our structured discipleship programs will launch you into practical outreach, and missions trips, while plugging you into a community that loves and serves God. Through mentorship, you’ll receive one-on-one coaching with an experience church leader who will encourage and lead you through the program’s duration. Whether it’s serving in the United States Armed Forces, college, seminary, trade school, or finding your first job, RVA LEADS will help you develop the skills you need to forge ahead.

RVA LEADS students will:

  • Develop practical leadership skills and opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Learn to engage the world around you with the message of the Gospel.
  • Experience one-on-one coaching and counseling from our distinguished mentors.
  • Be exposed to local and international outreach opportunities.
  • Have an opportunity to work, volunteer, or take college-level courses while in the program.
  • Share live in community with other RVA LEADS team-members.
  • Serve at Commonwealth Chapel, or a home-church in the Richmond metropolitan area.

Overseas Missions

Anyone that has spend time overseas ministering knows that when you do, God changes you more than you could ever imagine. It changes your heart. It changes your thinking. It changes your worldview. Suddenly everything you thought you knew is different.

It happens because you are no longer in the place you normally are. You are outside of the norm and God can start to change your heart to be more like His heart. You start to see how His people live in places that are not your own. You learn what it means to serve the God of the world, instead of the God of your hometown.

Overseas missions are critical for every Christian. We believe that everything you learn in our program is cemented during the final overseas mission. We partner with established ministries in Eastern Africa to minister to orphans, perform street evangelism, assist with street clinics, and help with building churches and ministries.

Ready to Learn More?

"When I graduated high school, I had no idea what was next for me. I was looking at gap year programs, internships, Discipleship Training Schools and considered just working full time. RVA LEADS have me an opportunity to grow in my walk with Christ, expand my leadership, reach out to the local community, and take missions worldwide. With the support of the faculty, community and teachings through LEADS, I found me calling and newfound passion for Christ."
-Sam (Student)