Help Orphans in Kenya

By Chaille Brindley|April 30, 2016

RVA LEADS Kenya Mission

Ray of Hope PhotoThese items are needed for the RVA LEADS mission trip to Kenya. We will be serving alongside Ray of Hope Ministries, which runs an orphanage, medical clinic, outreach center and pastor training program near Mombasa, Kenya. The items you donate will be used to help the orphanage as well as outreach to Christian and Muslim populations near Mombasa.


Medical Supplies (Only over the counter medical supplies)

• Band-Aids
• Antiseptic ointment
• Triple antibiotic ointment
• Cortisone cream
• Bandages (sterile, individual packaged)
• Medical tape
• Pain medicine (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen)
• Gauze pads and gauze rolls
• Burn cream
• Non-stick antiseptic gauze
• Finger splints
• Arm sling
• Eye drops
• Tums or Rolaids
• Emetrol
• Pepto-Bismol
• Loperamide (Imodium)
• Tooth brushes and tooth paste

The orphanage can use new or gently used clothing for children from ages 2 to 16 for both boys and girls. Please make sure the clothing is in good condition, clean and without holes. Specifically, we can use T-shirts and pants for boys and tops and skirts for girls.

School Supplies
Basic supplies that you would get for school here in the USA.

• Blue and black pens
• Paper
• Subject notebooks
• Pencils and erasers
• Scissors
• Tape
• Colored, construction paper
• Markers
Miscellaneous Items: Soccer balls, volley balls, hand air pumps/needles

Please put all items in a plastic store bag and contact Chaille Brindley at 804/833-6545 or e-mail to arrange pickup. Chaille will also be at Commonwealth Chapel South on Sunday, May 8th to collect donated items. We need to receive all donations by May 10 in order to pack them for our trip. Thank you for helping to bless the orphans and poor in Kenya.

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